2015-16 Season Information

2015-16 Main Stage Productions (click here for full Calendar)

Outgoing Tide Slide

By Bruce Graham. Directed by Deb Note-Farwell


“The Outgoing Tide” is a sensitive, timely drama with touching humor that brings to the stage an end-of-life situation for Gunner Concannon (played by Jonathan Farwell), an endearing, straight-talking funny guy, who is lovable for his flaws. He has concocted a “crazy” plan to ensure his family’s security before Alzheimer’s disease completely takes away his mind and any opportunity to finish his life on his terms. He meets with resistance from his wife Peg, which places their adult son Jack in the middle of the conflict.

Set in autumn on Chesapeake Bay, they must come to a meeting of the minds and hearts before the tide—both literally and fi guratively—goes out.

On Sunday, October 4, please join us for a free, in-depth, panel discussion (following the Sunday matinee) with the Alzheimer’s Association. Whether you see the show that afternoon or at another performance, you are welcome to participate in the conversation! Check back here and on Facebook for information on related Alzheimer’s Association and “Death With Dignity” events.

“The Outgoing Tide” is presented by special arrangement with Dramatist Play Service, Inc.
Jonathan Farwell appears courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association

Tuna Christmas Slide

by Ed Howard, Jaston Williams, and Joe Sears. Directed by Nancy Roy

“A Tuna Christmas” takes place in fictitious Tuna, Texas. How can only two actors make fun of such a big state? Quite easily. First, it’s an easy target and secondly, they each play 10 different male and female characters ranging from radio announcers to pre-teens to elderly aunties to a middle-aged woman who owns the local used weapons store. As they say in Texas, “It’s a hoot!” .

David Austin-Groen appears courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association

Hide Sky Slide

By Caridad Svich. Directed by Sarah Zwick-Tapley

Making its world premiere at Bas Bleu, “Hide Sky” depicts how a mother’s passing brings an estranged sibling home to the Florida Panhandle. Upon return, she confronts matters of love, faith and reconnecting with the brother and sister whom she left behind.

Experience a poetically realistic drama about coming through grief, the lies we tell each other in the name of family and religion, and how we can all begin again.

“Hide Sky” joins the list of works by distinguished playwright Caridad Svich, winner of a 2012 OBIE Award for Lifetime Achievement. Her plays have been featured at stages across the U.S. and abroad, including the Denver Center Theatre, San Diego Repertory Theatre, Teatro Mori (Chile), Artheater-Cologne (Germany), and the Edinburgh Fringe

“Hide Sky” is presented by special arrangement with Caridad Svich..

Love Loss Slide

by Nora Ephron and Delia Ephron. Directed by Graciela Marin.

“Love, Loss and What I Wore” peeks at six women as they reminisce about bittersweet, intimate, and sometimes hilarious memories of families, friends and loved ones, through the prism of their closets. It is a show about matters of the heart as well as matters of the closet.

Featuring essays written by the late Nora Ephron, including the acerbic piece about her troublesome relationship with purses, “Love, Loss and What I Wore” is an alchemy of poignant sentiment, satire, nostalgia, and hilarity funneled through memories of clothes and accessories.

“Love, Loss and What I Wore” is presented by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.

Good People SLide

by David Lindsay-Abaire. Directed by Cheryl King

“Good People” is the story of Margie, a tough middle-aged “Southie” from the wrong part of Boston, who loses her job and is one Bingo game away from homelessness. Reaching out to an old flame—now a successful doctor—Margie risks all as she tries to find a fresh start. An insightful comedy of class and culture, darkly funny and sweetly tender.

As in his previous Broadway drama, (the Pulitzer Prize-winning “Rabbit Hole” which Bas Bleu presented in 2012),
Lindsay-Abaire has everyone behave exactly in character, without any plot-bending, credibility-stretching manipulations
on the part of its author.

“Good People” is presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc.

2015-16 Readers’ Theatre

Annapurna, by Sharr White, directed by Peggy Shaughnessy – Sep 20 & 21, 2015-7:30pm, Sep 26, 2015-2:30pm:Twenty years ago Emma walked out on her cowboy-poet husband. As he is dying she finds him in a trailer in Colorado, working on his magnum opus. Their reunion is a breathtaking story about the longevity of love and the power of forgiveness.

The Sunshine Boys by Neil Simon, directed by Jim McCauley – Dec 13 & 14, 2015-7:30pm, Dec 19, 2015-2:30pm: Willie Clark never forgave Al Lewis for breaking up their vaudeville act. They reunite to do one of their old comedy routines for a television special.Will they succeed– or strangle each other on camera?

The Quality of Life by Jane Anderson, directed by Lenny Scovel – Feb 21 & 22, 2016-7:30pm, Feb 27, 2016-2:30pm: Dinah and Bill are devout, church-going mid-Westerners coping with a difficult loss; Jeanette and Neil are aging Northern California hippies coping with mortality.Their visit explores the challenges of seeing the other side on a myriad of issues, hopefully but not necessarily with good humor and grace.

Women Playing Hamlet, by William Missouri Downs, co-directed by Jonathan and Deb Note-Farwell – Apr 10 & 11, 2016-7:30pm, Apr 16, 2016-2:30pm: Hamlet’s a challenge for any actor, but when Jessica is cast as the titular character in a New York production, it sends her into an existential tailspin. It doesn’t help that her acting coach is borderline abusive, or that every Starbucks barista with an MFA [in Acting] tells her she’s too young for the role. Or that she’s somehow managed to make Sir Patrick Stewart her nemesis. Not to mention the fact that she’s a woman. How can Jessica figure out “to be or not to be,” when she can’t even figure out herself? Featuring an all-female cast performing multiple roles, Women Playing Hamlet is rip-roaring fun for Shakespeare fans and haters alike.

The Other Place by Sharr White, directed by Peter Anthony – Jun 12 & 13, 2016-7:30pm, Jun 18, 2016-2:30pm: Juliana, a medical researcher presents a lecture at a beach resort when an an enigmatic young woman appears in a bikini. So begins the unraveling of a mystery of blurred truths,contradictions and memories which leads to the final shattering revelation haunting the windswept shores of “The Other Place.”

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