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playbill cover
Playbill Cover

Bas Bleu playbills are offered to every patron attending a Main Stage show. (We also have playbills for Readers’ Theatre and other Special Events, but those are different ad rates). They are printed to a finished page size 5 ½” x 8 ½”, saddle staple binding and are color on matte stock. Page number may vary but is expected to be a maximum of 40 including the cover.

Bas Bleu playbills (and therefore your ad) are seen by an average of 1200 patrons per show. Our patrons tend to be more mature, affluent consumers. Our ticket price for a Main Stage production is $26, so it is a consumer with discretionary funds.




ad example-full page
Full Page Ad example 5″x8″

Ad Rates

Inside Cover Full Page-5″x8″-One Show-$1000
Back Outside Cover Full Page-5″x8″-One Show-$1000
Back Inside Cover Full Page-5″x8″-One Show-$500
Inside Full Page-5″x8″-One show-$400
Half Page-5″x4″-One Show-$200
Quarter Page-5″x2″-One Show-$100

AD DETAILS: Ads should be submitted to three weeks prior to the published opening date of a show. Jpg files are the preferred format; however, we can work with most any file type.

Deadlines for 2015-16 Season:
Jan 9, 2016 for Hide Sky Playbill
Mar 12, 2016 for Love, Loss Playbill
May 7, 2016 for Good People Playbill



ad example-half page
Half-Page Ad Example-5″x4″

PAYMENT TERMS: 50% payment due within 10 days of contract signing. The remaining portion is due 90 days after the contract signing. We will bill you. A $15 late charge will be applied to delinquent accounts of 45 or more days.




ad example-quarter page
Quater Page Ad Example-5″x2″

CONTRACT TERMS: All ad copy must be received by the established deadlines. Items or changes to ads not received by the ad copy deadline date from any Advertiser may not be published in contracted program, but does not indicate cancellation of Advertiser’s payment responsibilities. Ads cancelled after the ad deadline will be charged at full price.