Beckett’s Women


Beckett’s Women featuring Wendy Ishii

Bas Bleu Theatre, Fort Collins, Colorado and Colorado State University: The Center for Studies in Beckett and Performance

Announce the premiere of a new and exciting collaboration:

Beckett’s Women featuring Wendy Ishii

Adapted from the plays of Samuel Beckett

devised and directed by Eric Prince

May 2015

Some of the most memorable moments in the remarkable stage universe of Samuel Beckett are provided by the voices of his women, characters that at times seem earthly and recognizable, yet often seem also to inhabit some strange and spectral place of torment: Winnie in Happy Days, May in Footfalls, Mouth in Not I, Ada in Embers, Mrs Rooney in All That Fall and the Woman’s Voice of Eh Joe. All these characters are women that Wendy Ishii has at various times embodied and performed in astonishing and powerful ways to great critical acclaim. All are remarkable characters from the realms of Beckett’s singular vision and imagination, giving voice to some of the greatest poetry and dramatic writing of the twentieth century. Beckett’s Women promises to be a memorable event, a rare opportunity to experience acting, that like Beckett’s art, aspires to the condition of music, one that also gently opens doors and windows into unexpected places of wonder and compassion.

Devised especially at the invitation of the Happy Days Enniskillen International Beckett Festival (23 July – 3 August 2015). The Festival has increasingly international recognition and acclaim, reviewed, amongst others, by The New York Times, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Telegraph, and the BBC (British Broadcasting Company).

A sequence of performed readings by Wendy Ishii, Actor and Artistic Director of Bas Bleu Theatre, Fort Collins, Colorado, consisting of moments from Beckett plays in which Wendy has featured as leading Beckett personas or characters. This will be devised and directed by Eric Prince and will be forty five minutes in length. It will be staged in a minimal style, with faithful adherence to Beckett’s text, the emphasis on reminding audiences of the distinctive poetry and language in Beckett’s imaginative visions, punctuated only by a few stunning theatrical images -as projections- from the backlog of Wendy’s wonderful past performances.

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