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News Release

Bas Bleu Theatre Co. announces it is accepting reservations beginning at 9:00 a.m. on July 1, 2016 for the public to use the theatre for the 2016/17 season. Through a partnership with the Downtown Development Authority (DDA), Bas Bleu will make its 105-seat theatre at 401 Pine Street in Fort Collins available for 173 lobby-use days, 54 partial-use days and 21 full-use days at no charge (excluding charges for staff time).

Reservation requests will be processed in the order received.

DDA Free Use Days

Bas Bleu Theatre Company and The Fort Collins, Colorado Downtown Development Authority have an on-going agreement providing use of Bas Bleu Theatre free-of-charge to the public.

How to Reserve DDA Free Use Dates

A “Master Calendar” listing the available DDA Lease Use dates is below. Select your desired dates, then fill out the “Bas Bleu Theatre Questionnaire” (below) and send to Bas Bleu using the instructions on the top of the questionnaire. Someone from Bas Bleu will be in touch with you within 3 business days. All reservations are first-come, first-served.

Also, please refer to the “User Agreements” found below. Users who wish to use the Theatre, Lobby, or both will be required to sign this agreement and abide by all terms within. A security deposit, liability insurance coverage and other items may be required. Please read through the agreements carefully. You must reserve your theatre dates (partial and full) at least 21 days in advance and the lobby at least 7 days in advance. Any arrangements sooner than that will be at the option of Bas Bleu Theatre Company.

What is included and what is not included as part of the free use?

The base cost is provided at no charge as per the DDA Lease. Services such as technical staff, box office use, materials, etc. can be purchased through Bas Bleu. Please refer to the “Additional Services Available” document found below.

Partial versus Full Theatre Use Days

Partial Use: There are 54 available partial use days. Partial use allows for use of theatre and the stage with a minimum of eight square feet available. Your event will take place in front of the current Bas Bleu Theatre Company production set.

Full Use: There are 21 full use days. Full use allows for the entirety of the stage to be used for your event.

*-Be aware that all theatre dates (partial and full) will also come with use of the lobby at the same rented times.

Alternate Availability of the Bas Bleu Theatre

Both the Theatre and the Lobby are available for rental beyond the DDA Free Rental Use dates for $75 an hour with a 4 hour minimum at $300. Please contact the theatre to discuss your options.

Scheduling options extend through the end of July. For further availability or any additional questions, please contact Tricia Navarre, Bas Bleu Theatre Production Manager at tricia@basbleu.org or 970..498..8949.

Additional Documents

2016-2017 DDA USE MASTER CALENDAR Updated 9-1-16

“User Agreement” PDF

“Bas Bleu Theatre Questionnaire” PDF

“Bas Bleu Theatre Questionnaire” Word Document

Available Services for Rental and DDA Lease Users _Updated 6-30-16