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Thank you for considering a donation! Bas Bleu Theatre Company is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions made are tax deductible, please consult your tax adviser to address your tax question. Bas Bleu’s Tax ID is #84-1195491.

Enterprise Zone and Bas Bleu

Bas Bleu Theatre Company is a designated Enterprise Zone Project, a state-designated area in need of ecomonic growth and diversification. The Enterprise Zone Tax Credits of 25% for cash donations and 12.5% for in-kind donations are designed to encourage private sector investment in creating and maintaining jobs in the designated zones.

How does Enterprise Zone work?

When you make a donation to Bas Bleu of over $100, we submit that dollar number to the county. We may have to contact you the first time to get Tax ID information. You will then get an official EZ tax credit letter from us, which is provided to us by Larimer County. You provide that letter to your tax professional. It will get you a tax credit of 25% of the donation on your Colorado taxes, even if you do not itemize deductions. If you do itemize deductions, you will still get the deduction for the donation to us, on both your Federal and State taxes, in addition to the EZ tax credit. This means a donation of $1000 can end up costing you only $350 if you are in the top tax bracket. Consult your tax professional for complete details.

Enterprise Zone Full Brochure

Need more information?

Bas Bleu accepts cash donations, multi-month/year pledges, in-kind gifts and stock/bond transfers. Please contact the theatre to discuss your questions.Contact:Jay Benedict Brown, General Manager. 401 Pine St., Fort Collins, CO 80524. 970..498..8066.