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July 1 – Aug 30: Larimer Chorale- The Ruby YearsLarimer Chorale - The Ruby Years

“The Beginning – Elizabeth Elliot”
“The Brink Years – Jim Brink”
“The Krueger Years – Michael Krueger”

“Touring Group”
“Dickens Singers”.

First Friday Gallery Walk Receptions Jul 1st and Fri Aug 5, 5-7pm

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May/June 2016

“Fabulous Fibers: Silk, Alpaca, Merino and More” Silk paintings and needle arts of Anna Kuzminsky and Phillippa Lack

Gallery Bleu - Fabulous Fibers:Kuzminsky and Lack

March/April 2016

“What They Wore” Costumes and wearable art of Lynda Fairies, Rebecca Spafford, and others

Gallery Bleu - Costumes and Wearable Art

January/February 2016

“Support Local Culture, 1st Anniversary Commemorative” Visual art in many media by the 2015 featured artists of Support Local Culture/KRFC.







November/December 2015
“Fabric Treasures at the Bleu” Fiber art of the Rocky Mountain Creative Quilters.

RMCQ A River Runs Through It Margaret Reek

RMCQ fire storm Carol Anderson

Southwest Medallion_Grant_full

September/October 2015 “Botanique Bleu”

Botanical art of 5 artists: Nels Broste, Jan Latona, Linda Weaver, Liz McCauley and Mary McCauley.

Nels BrosteNels Broste-500x500

After retiring from a career in computer systems engineering I wanted to rekindle long dormant interests in drawing and water color. There was a show and demonstration in Loveland of botanical art and illustration by instructors from the School of Botanical Art and Illustration in the Denver Botanical Gardens. I knew that was what I wanted to try. After several years of commuting to Denver I competed the certificate program in botanical art and illustration in 2014. This program is built on a well-established tradition of portraying plants for scientific purposes, recording vanishing species for historical record, or rendering the beauty and inspiration in the flora of the world around us. The combination of science and art has inspired and challenged me to interpret and share the beauty in the natural world with my friends.


Mary McCauley Mary McCauley-500x500
A key concept in my work is Wabi Sabi, the Japanese expression of the imperfection in nature that makes it beautiful. It also conveys the impermanence of nature and the simple truths that nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect. Nature and its imperfections are my inspirations and my goal in art. I use a variety of natural and recycled materials in hopes that their inherent imperfections will strengthen my work and add character to it.
As a mixed media fiber artist, I try to push the definition of “quilt”. My vessels and other 3 dimensional works ARE technically quilts – a top and bottom layer of predominantly fabric, with a middle, filler layer, all held together by stitching. From there, I enjoy messing with the viewer, trying new shapes, surface design techniques, and embellishments, to create forms that fall somewhere between quilting, basketry, painting, and sculpture.
I have recently earned my Certification in Botanical Illustration from the Denver Botanic Gardens School of Botanic Art and Illustration. I earned a 2015 Sydney Parkinson Award for excellence in botanical documentation. Now my challenge is to balance and integrate botanic art with my fiber art!

Linda WeaverLinda Weaver-500x500
Born and raised in the country around Boston, Linda grew up surrounded by acres of woodlands, fields, ponds swamps, and brooks. She was drawn to varying types of nature in all its beauty throughout each season. Hr favorite times were by herself in the rain, with the intense colors, textures and movement, which heightened her need to paint.
Linda attended the Art Institute of Boston while working in a professional photo lab. She moved to Hawaii in 1981 to live for 5 years among lush exotic plants of the tropics. Then she lived in Gunnison, Colorado, attending Western State and exploring watercolors.
Fort Collins has been her home for 27 years. She has designed many flower beds to express her emotional tie with nature and apply it to canvas. Linda combines oil and watercolor techniques. She shares her love for nature and gardens through her paintings. Linda’s work is also available in giclees and for commissions.

Jan Latona Latona-500x500
My love of art and nature began as a child and has continued throughout my life. I’ve always had a passion for observing nature and engaging in the process of rendering it on paper. After receiving a BS in Art Education I taught art in public schools for 10 years, learning much from the children
about creative joy and freedom of expression. As my love of learning led
me to complete a PhD in Clinical Psychology, my art was relegated to
those escapes to nature through camping and hiking. As I began to look
toward retirement from a 25 year psychology career, I began to take classes at the Denver Botanic Gardens’ botanical art and illustration program. Over the 5 years it took to complete my Certification as a
botanical illustrator I further developed my skills of seeing the details of
natural objects accurately, and, translating those observations into a work
of art.
Along with retirement came the opportunity to spend more time traveling
and hiking, with my nature journal, paints, pens, and pencils ever at hand.
More time to develop new creations, and explorations into nature focused
art in my studio. Watercolor, pen and ink, graphite, and colored pencil are
the media I typically use, whether in the field or in my studio.
I love to share the joy of observing nature, developing observational skills,
and capturing the experience through art and word. As such I developed
and facilitated a Nature Journal Club through the Master Naturalist program
for the City of Fort Collins, summer 2015.

Liz McCauleyLiz McCauley-500x500
Liz McCauley is a Colorado illustrator specializing in both scientific and fantasy illustration. Her interest in art and sciences developed at an early age with her fascination with dinosaur illustrations and trips to zoos, gardens and nature museums. Currently, she is inspired by diverse art forms such as Graphic novels, Children’s books and Graffiti. Her botanic art is characterized by bold compositions, graphic elements and dramatic subjects.
Liz graduated from the Denver Botanic Garden’s School of Scientific Illustration in 2014, is currently pursuing their master’s program, and applying to Fort Lewis’s Graphic arts program. She is also working on a children’s book about extinct Mammals and a graphic novel about life forms on an alternative earth.

MAY-‹Œ‹JUNE „…†Š2015

Deidre Adams

Colorado artist Deidre Adams is influenced by the light and color
of the Southwestern landscape and its beautiful but unforgiving
environment. Effects of time and weather are a recurring theme in her
abstract multi-media textile pieces, which focus on the study of shape,
color, texture and mark-making.

Christi S. Beckmann

Christi works at the intersection of material, paint and stitch. Color is
the starting point of her work and the addition of more color is intuitive
and creates the excitement she believes the work needs. Living in a
rural mountain setting has had a profound effect on her work, which
she hopes you will enjoy.