Graphics Intern Program

Bas Bleu provides internships for graphics design students.


Bas Bleu Theatre Company is searching for Graphics Interns for Summer 2015, Fall 2015, and Spring 2016.

Bas Bleu is a small theatre and events company located at 401 Pine in Downtown Fort Collins. We produce around 20 events per year, all of which require some combination of posters, postcards, playbills, web images, videos, and print advertisements. Your work will be appreciated and seen. You will be doing graphics and production work – you will not be asked to fetch coffee or stuff envelopes.

Check out our website at In particular, look under “About the Theatre/Graphics Intern Program.” There you will see a page we have to showcase our Graphics Design Interns. Check out Audrey Ancell’s work from all of last year. She filled all three slots (Summer 2015, Fall 2015, and Spring 2016).This may not be the norm, but we do prefer it. For Audrey, it was a way to make sure she was in ART 487 for the Spring session.

The time commitment at the theatre is not large – probably only two 2 hour days per week. But there will be calls and emails asking for last minute changes, so a high degree of responsiveness is important. There may be some weeks with very little required, others with a lot. Overall, it probably averages 6 hours per week total.
You will work closely with and under the direction of the Operations Manager of the theatre.

Please feel free to email us to arrange an interview time slot. We would like to complete the selection process by April 30, 2015.


Audrey Ancell, CSU BFA with concentration in Graphics Design 2015

In her year with Bas Bleu, Audrey produced

7 Mainstage Production Playbills (28 pages)
6 Reader’s Theatre Playbills (4 pages)
6 Mainstage Production Postcards
1 Special Event Postcard-Lest We Forget
3 Special Event Playbills-Lest We Forget, Amanda Brown, Year of Magical Thinking-Boulder (4 pages)
1 Fund Raiser Event Playbill – Mardi Gras 2015 (8 pages)

See Audrey’s work for Bas Bleu here.