Actor’s Training Program

sarahs-headshotSarah Zwick-Tapley has worked professionally as an actor, director and comic. She received her MFA in Acting from a joint program between American Repertory Theatre, Harvard University and the Moscow Art Theatre in Russia and a BA in Acting from Illinois State University . A member of Actors Equity Association, Ms. Zwick-Tapley’s acting credits include American RepertoryTheatre, Boston Playwrights Theatre, the Guthrie, the Moscow Art Theatre and the Kennedy Center in Washington , D.C. Sarah has worked with such artists as David Mamet, Lee Breuer, Robert Woodruff, Catherine Fitzmaurice and Russian theatre scholar Anatoly Smeliansky.

Course Descriptions

Acting I
This class will de-mystify the process of approaching a role, freeing the body, freeing the voice and becoming more comfortable onstage and in front of an audience.

The theories of Practical Aesthetics (an acting technique created by David Mamet and William H. Macy to help actors approach roles in a practical, accessible and straightforward way). and Viewpoints (a logical approach to creating aesthetically free and dynamic movement on stage) will be merged to push actors physically, vocally and emotionally into new avenues of growth.

Acting II
This course further hones the skills learned in Acting I. Students will continue to explore and implement Practical Aesthetics while studying text-based scenes from plays. Special focus will be given to choosing characters and scenes that stretch each individual actor.

Who are improv classes for? Everyone! Discover the fun of spontaneity through improvisation. The craft of acting without the vaguest notion of what comes next. Learn exercises and games that build confidence and improve listening. Our class focus is on playing together, energy, commitment, teamwork, trust and making others look good. We start with the basic rules of “yes” and “no blocking”, move on to learning game mechanics and narrative, and finish with an intro to some long form improv.

Here’s the perfect class to prepare for Bas Bleu auditions! Everything you ever needed to know to prepare for auditions; monologue selection and preparation, headshots, resumes, callbacks and more! Perfect for both the beginner wanting to break into the acting world and the experienced actor wanting to expand their audition repertoire. Just in time for spring auditions!

Introduction to Theatre
A broad survey course covering all of the different artists and administrators necessary to creating a show and running a theatre. Learn about this collaborative art and the roles of the playwright, director, actor, dramaturg, designers, stage manager, production manager and artistic director. A perfect way to start your journey as a theatre artist!

A class designed to teach even the most timid actors how to have greater physical freedom onstage! Students will be taught the Laban approach to creating characters and becoming less inhibited in their performances.

Theatre Practicum
Round out your theatre education by volunteering six hours in either the technical or administrative areas of your choice. A perfect way to learn more about the non-acting aspects of theatre production!

Voice for the Actor
Curious how to project onstage? Wanting to learn how to use your voice to explore characters? This class will teach you how and more using Kristin Linklater’s approach to “freeing the natural voice”. Perfect training for your next role onstage!


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