blue kitchen

Blue Kitchen

written and directed by Eric Prince

April 1 – 30

Ava is an accomplished model American woman in the middle years of life, with a daughter, a loving husband, a circle of friends and almost all the luxuries of life. But is it enough? She loves to cook in her stylish well equipped kitchen, with her crazy music playing as she dotes on the view from her window. It’s Colorado. The shrubs are in flower. The deer are grazing. The season is changing. As she prepares dinner for friends and guests she recalls her distant childhood days in Donegal. Ava is troubled and haunted by memory, by loss, and by happiness, haunted to the depth of her being. Then the unexpected happens. A visitor from Ireland arrives. All becomes clear. Not quite dark. Not quite light. But astonishingly clear. Comical, musical, lyrical, uplifting and transformative, the Colorado premiere of a new play from the award winning UK writer and director (Red Roses, Séance, Kafka’s Last Request)

Plus a special pre-show entertainment, the “Blue Craich” with local singer/songwriter Barbara Clark and friends. Songs music, poetry, good humor and crack with a touch of the Irish pub about it all.

“This world premiere of ‘Blue Kitchen’ is a belated sequel of sorts to ‘Séance’, written for a remarkable woman, and inspired by an extraordinary artist, Wendy Ishii.”



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