Bas Bleu Theatre Benefit

A Tale of a Tiger

by Dario Fo,

freely adapted and performed
by Ami Dayan

Saturday, August 5,

7:30 p.m.

Appropriate for families and children over 5.

In honor of Bas Bleu Theatre’s 25th Anniversary Season, multi-talented actor Ami Dayan will roar on to the Tom Sutherland stage in a benefit performance of his internationally acclaimed adaptation of A Tale of a Tiger. Our lofty goal for this benefit is to raise $57,000 to replace the theatre’s leaky roof with a long-lasting metal one. Come, be amazed and share your support for our historic River District home!

TIGER is based on an ancient Chinese theatre folk tale with roots in an Indian myth.  Left for dead on the battlefield, a Chinese soldier in Mao’s army is seized by a tiger and her cub.  A unique relationship, both terrifying and hilarious develops between man and animal as the tigress nurses him back to health.  His life regained, the soldier must return to the world and determine by which personal and moral standards he is to live.

“A Tour de force for versatile Dayan. Blending charismatic narration and colorful character work, he plays everything from a spiritual husker to an operatic tiger, swings like Tarzan, seems serene as Buddha. And like all truth-tellers, he leaves us with a tale that resonates.” THE DENVER POST