Bas Bleu Theatre Benefit

A Tale of a Tiger

by Dario Fo,

freely adapted and performed
by Ami Dayan

Saturday, August 5,

7:30 p.m.

Appropriate for families and children over 5.

In honor of Bas Bleu Theatre’s 25th Anniversary Season, multi-talented actor Ami Dayan will roar on to the Tom Sutherland stage in a benefit performance of his internationally acclaimed adaptation of A Tale of a Tiger. Our lofty goal for this benefit is to raise $57,000 to replace the theatre’s leaky roof with a long-lasting metal one. Come, be amazed and share your support for our historic River District home!

TIGER is based on an ancient Chinese theatre folk tale with roots in an Indian myth.  Left for dead on the battlefield, a Chinese soldier in Mao’s army is seized by a tiger and her cub.  A unique relationship, both terrifying and hilarious develops between man and animal as the tigress nurses him back to health.  His life regained, the soldier must return to the world and determine by which personal and moral standards he is to live.

“A Tour de force for versatile Dayan. Blending charismatic narration and colorful character work, he plays everything from a spiritual husker to an operatic tiger, swings like Tarzan, seems serene as Buddha. And like all truth-tellers, he leaves us with a tale that resonates.” THE DENVER POST

Evolving from mystic origins, A Tale of a Tiger as performed by Ami Dayan offers modern audiences an animated, humorous parable promoting healing, brotherhood and peace. Originally an Indian fable turned Chinese folk tale, the piece was adapted as a dramatic monologue for Italian audiences by the playwright Dario Fo.

Dario Fo was an accomplished member of the artistic community, well-known as a comedian, playwright, painter, singer, and actor among other talents. He was also an outspoken political campaigner in Italy and received the 1997 Nobel Prize in Literature acknowledging him as a major figure in twentieth-century world theatre. He was inspired to write A Tale of a Tiger during a visit to China in 1975 with his wife and theatre company and toured across Italy with it in 1978. The one-man play reflected his signature style, embracing improvisation and harkening back to the days of medieval strolling players.

A Tale of a Tiger tells the story of a wounded soldier who is left for dead by his comrades after an epic battle. Saved by a fearsome tigress and her young cub, the audience enjoys a comical journey of their life together as the warrior is nursed back to health. However, reflecting his own political agendas at that time, Dario Fo’s original ending crescendos to a rousing call-to-arms against morally bankrupt and oppressive forces.

When Ami Dayan, an Israeli-American, first looked to perform this one-man show in Tel Aviv he feared the incendiary conclusion where the villagers overthrew their corrupt leaders. In 1994 Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin had just proposed trading land for peace, which had already incited numerous death threats from his opposition. Dayan reached out to Dario Fo to negotiate a more conciliatory finish to the tale where the soldier became a healer and guru. They reached a compromise and today audiences can enjoy both endings in Dayan’s performance.

Ami Dayan currently lives in Boulder, Colorado with an artistic guest residency at Naropa University, and is a two-time recipient of the America-Israel Cultural Foundation Grant. His enthusiasm and physical dexterity have ushered a new chapter into the theatrical life of A Tale of a Tiger, bringing roars of laughter to audiences around the world. We are honored to host him at the Bas Bleu Theatre for a special one-night benefit performance on August 5, 2017, and hope you will join us. Tickets range from $13-$26 per person. Purchase your tickets here.